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Suwanna Cafe 

Suwanna Cafe is a family business operated. Our first day was, Thursday, January 8, 2009. This restaurant started up with four members which are Poranan, and her three children which are Sitthida, Sutthida and Krongthum.

The name Suwanna is our grandmother's name. She mean a lot to us so we name our first business to honor her spirit. At first, we wanted to have just our own small business doing a small cafe, selling coffee and sandwiches then Poranan start to add the idea of summer rolls, panang curry, yellow curry, chicken satay, and soon enough our menu has grown bigger to become what we have to offer today. Most items on our menu are from our brainstorming what to make and how it should taste in our own style. Thai food is very creative kind of food to produce, therefore, you can have as many different taste that you wish to create. I told people all the time that Thai food in America is different everywhere you go. May be it is because of the geographical of the restaurant location that make it harder to find ingredients to make the Thai food tastes like the original one in Thailand or may be those Thai restaurant owner just want to have something different from the ordinary Thai food. Never the less, each Thai restaurant has their own style and so does Suwanna. We do have family and friends who give us their recipe and we modify it to suit what we like to have in the menu. So, I want to thank my family and friends who supported us and help us creating wonderful recipe to make Suwanna's food for everyone.

We want to let people who come to our restaurant try our Thai food style and experience our friendly customer service. Just seeing a smile on our customer's face when they enjoy the food we make. That what make us keep up with the good works, and want to keep this restaurant going as long as possible.

Come to visit us and explore your new tastes today!

Suwanna Cafe Team.

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